Polybar has landed in the Community repos today

According to https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/polybar/

polybar is now in the Community repos. I’ve recognized that package before, I know the EndeavourOS devs have packaged it in their EndeavourOS repo. I’m just wondering if the devs need to do anything or if the Community polybar package now supersedes their own?

Granted, I don’t use polybar myself, but very curious to see/know the inner-workings of when certain packages in the EndeavourOS repos do end up in the main Arch repos that weren’t there before; what that process then looks like. I assume polybar could be removed from the EndeavourOS repos at some point since it’s in the Community repos now, unless EndeavourOS is using a specially patched version of course.

Appreciate any thoughts and insights, thank you!


And yeah, I’m removing polybar from our repo since Arch maintains it now.


Some polybar users have been waiting years to see it make it into the main repos! But in any case thanks @manuel that’s good to know! One less package the devs have to maintain means more focus on other areas of the EndeavourOS project. Keep up the good work :wink:


More good news, polybar is also in the Archlinux ARM repository.

armv7h community polybar 3.6.3-2 A fast and easy-to-use status bar
aarch64 community polybar 3.6.3-2 A fast and easy-to-use status bar



yes . that why i delete post , small panic before check arch arm repo :pray: