[POLL] Sports Talk - Who's playing and what are you watching?

In India, cricket is probably the most popular sports.

Entire shopping crowd gets collected in front of the TV in shops, the people traveling in bus or train collect together with the person having live telecast on his mobile, and other cases as well, in order to see how Indian team is playing.

I remember the last World Cup experience, where India was needed to score good amount of run in last over to win the match. The best Indian batsman of current time was on strike, and he blasted 2 back to back 6s, and people to cheer and jump in joy, be it men or women.
In last 3 balls, 8 or 9 runs were needed. Then some no ball from opposition, some mis throws brought the situation to 2 off 1. But problem was the instead of batsman, the bowler was on strike. The moment he cleared the in-field via lofted shot, the crowd jumped in joy, people dancing, talking, etc… After some moment crackers were bursted as well. That match was on Sunday, and despite the usual shopping day, the amount of people were less as most of them were enjoying the match at home.

I don’t watch matches of other nations, even if it is world cup. Presently,

in men’s cricket, Australia is up against India in a long tour, and India is 2-0 up in 4 match test series.

Basketball (NBA) and European football. I used to play basketball in my spare time, now I just watch it.

Actually I overstated that a bit - but if the call wasn’t completely blown, at least we could have seen how it worked out - instead of an outright gift of the only way to ENSURE Max a win. Perhaps he could have made it anyway, but that way he would have won, not been handed it. Anyway…

As for attitude, I don’t think it is possible to be good in F1 without believing that you are the best. This means that ALL of the good ones have me-first moments (!) usually frequent! The way I distinguish the good ones from the iffy ones is whether they only take chances for themselves, or force others into taking chances they might not have chosen - which is why I am least impressed by Schumacher and Verstappen, and most by Hamilton and Alonso over the years…

Football - sorta kinda Niners fan
Futbol - Premier Leauge, Liga MX, used to follow Bundesliga but hard to find on US TV anymore.
Don’t have a team as such, just like watching the games.
Volleyball - Sixes, the twos beach version doesn’t do much for me.
F1 - watch sometimes, not that seriously in to it.
NBA - Liked it in the 80s, but I agree with those who say the 3 ruined the game.

@freebird54 It’s time for Dodger Baseball!

I can’t wait, I’ll be sitting behind the plate sooner than later. I can’t wait to get there.

Hell of a comeback touchdown at the last like 56 second mark in the Seattle/Vegas XFL game today.

First real F1 race starts in the morning. I’m about to watch qualifying from today shortly.

The Dodgers were my Dad’s favorite ball team his whole life. He would have been 91 yrs old this past Wednesday, March 1rst if he were still living.

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Football it is. Or soccer for those who live in another side of the planet. Me and my missus are both Liverpool fans and today we’re going to watch the Liverpool-ManU match. I know Pool’s season has been disaster so far, but there’s still many single matches to play which can be enjoyable to watch. Today’s match is definitely one of them. YNWA!


Storm the field!

F1 is officially here!! Mclaren has had a pretty rough start.

Alonso overtaking Hamilton between the DRS measurment point and the DRS zone, positioning himself in front of Hamilton and THEN flipping the DRS just like “oh, i nearly forgot I have that” - somehow it looked like Alonso was trying to flip off Hamilton :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all, the Red Bull dominance aside, a pretty nice race with some real wheel to wheel action. Ocon trying to go for the penalty highscore was stupid, lets see if that continues.
Ferrari still have reliability and pace issues.
I was really surprised how good the Aston Martin’s are in the long run. Lance definitely had the capabilities in his car and tires to go for Hamilton and/or Sainz, but I guess his hand injury prevented that. And Alonso clearly was faster the whole race, well deserved podium for him.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m in SEVENth heaven :partying_face:

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Me too! Me too!.. :partying_face:


Playing this over and over and over… :partying_face:

This Premier league season has left a little bit sour taste to my mouth so far, but todays game washed it away. Well, that whiskey helped too…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes, it’s been thoroughly :poop: at times, so I’m going to savour the sweet taste of this victory for a while :partying_face:

Not had Glendalough :tumbler_glass: Will keep an eye out for it :eye:

Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Korea bummed out of World Baseball Classic quarter-finals :open_mouth:

Found out a bunch of players being Canadian which surprised me… but it sucked Freddie Freeman got hurt and had to return to Dodgers camp. Surprised me also Randy Arozarena became Mexican citizen, so let’s see how his team does against Puerto Rico soon. The team of his “original country” also made it to quarter-finals.

LOL Yu Chang from China Taipei able to hit three homers, while having trouble hitting any in MLB… although I don’t know him very well. The “other” China team needs some serious skills. Czech Republic team was stronghearted and the most interesting overall.

EDIT: It was Kim H.S. LOL the San Diego Padres player who hit three home runs. Imagine if he did that last year in the postseason… probably Bogaerts would have remained with Boston or something else. :confused:

I was wishing New Zealand somehow came up with a baseball team.

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I’m super not happy about that. . . . it won’t be long before I update this thread from a seat not too far behind the plate.

F1 again this weekend!

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Qualification for EURO 2024 :soccer: starts this evening. The biggest match is between Italy :it: and England :england: who were the finalists in EURO 2020 (held of course in 2021 :upside_down_face: ).

For those in :uk: and :ireland: it’s on Channel 4, or you can follow it on the BBC here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/64995743

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Lived up to its billing - England 2-0 up at half-time, but Italy surging back in the second half and England having a player sent off.

Final score: Italy :it: 1 - England :england: 2 :sweat_smile:

In other news, Cristiano Ronaldo made a world-record 197th men’s international appearance in Portugal’s Euro 2024 qualifying opener, and scored two as Portugal :portugal: beat Liechtenstein :liechtenstein: 4-0 :soccer:

Have to feel good about being Los Angeles Angels fan now, although it doesn’t look like Astros would suck anytime soon. Sick and tired of reading how great S.D., both NY teams, Atlanta, Phillies etc. are supposed to be, only based on last year’s MLB season and what happened to free agents.

All eyes on Atlanta now. First Edwin Diaz rips knee just after WBC game. Then Rhys Hoskins has the same thing, freaking sucks. Washington rises over those three teams in NL East I say.

Dodgers might steal it this year LOL but don’t expect them to win over 100 games before postseason. They are always deeply staffed with talent which is impressive.