POLL: Keep EndeavourOS Update Notifier?

This poll tries to find out the future of the EndeavourOS :enos: Update Notifier (package eos-update-notifier): should we still support it or not?

Do you want/need the EndeavourOS update notifier also in the future :question:
  • :+1: Continue support
  • :-1: Discard it
  • :person_shrugging: Might need it some day
  • :sleeping: Irrelevant to me
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An update notifier on a fast rolling distro is a meaningless concept. There always are updates, unless you’ve just updated.

It about as useful as having a 1+1=2 notifier. :rofl:

(except a 1+1=2 notifier does not have to contact mirror servers all the time)

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There seems to be different (reasonable) arguments in favor or against. On Arch like rolling systems this is very much understandable.

For example, some users simply want to have a weekly reminder of doing the weekly update. So it is not only if there are updates (most often there are), but when to update the system.

And seems also that linux veterans usually don’t need a reminder.
On the other hand, users new to the Arch world may want some initial help with the updates - likely they later see there are constant updates, and have learned how to update. At that point some may think they don’t really need the notifier anymore, and fortunately it is simple to uninstall.

These are the reasons why this poll exists.


They don’t need an update notifier for that. They need a reminder application.

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but for new comer without expirience with commnad line.they like gui thing

Didn’t really need it but I like to see 40+ packages to update :sweat_smile:


In my opinion it would be more useful if you could customize it more, e.g. to only notify when there are updates for system packages (realistically packages in the core repo). Due to the nature of a rolling distro, there is always something to update (especially once you got lots of packages installed) making this package more annoying than useful (at least for the experienced Arch/ EnOS user). I’m more likely to update outside my regular update schedule when there are updates I’m actually interested in or even waiting for.

In case I missed the option to activate that feature disregard that statement :smiley:


Really? You need to be notified when an update to grep is available? :rofl:


Perhaps :smiley: More as a warning to not update for a while when Nvidia has pushed another driver update that could possibly brick my system :wink:

In all seriousness this was just an example. Ideally you could list your own packages you’d like to be notified about. Thinking about it, that should be just as easy(-ish) to implement than just checking for specific repos :thinking:

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I propose an application that periodically reads the last -Syu entry in pacman.log and pushes a notification saying: “I say, old chap, it’s been $SECONDS_SINCE_LAST_UPDATE seconds since you’ve last updated! Better get a move on, wouldn’t want to be left behind!”.

It would be as useful as an update notifier (which is to say, not very), only it wouldn’t spam the mirrors with pointless traffic.


But if your verdict is already set, what’s the point of the poll?

For my part, I find it very pleasant to use YAD. If it is no longer supported it is no problem for me to use yay once / several times a day.

In the end, it should be of help to the inexperienced user. From this point of view it should be developed further

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Nothing has been decided yet.

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It’s your pet project, if you want to maintain it, maintain it, if you don’t feel like doing it, drop it. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time on that nonsense, but it’s your time, you’re the master of it.

I don’t understand why you would need a poll to decide that. :man_shrugging:


From what i do see it is a needed helper for new to linuix/arch/rolling release users. And for those too may not that affine to techical detail simply using the OS for common daily tasks and would simply forget to update the system.

I see the point that checking about updates is simply not that usefull, and as @Kresimir mentioned will cause unneeded traffic on the mirrors.
But if it would be a simple scheduler with a message and may also tray to click to update on schedules.

The real issue is about users not knowing how rthe things work, like installing anew package on an not updated system or getting error because db is not updated or keyring is outdated…
If you know why it happen you can resolve on your own if not? you go asking because you do think you break something or it is broken by other reason…

Me personally i am lazy, and i would like to have a scheduler and a simply tray icon to click and update, without the need to manually open a terminal and type update commands.

New users may have an issue if the do so, and it does not find updates because yea they do update before while installing a new package… but it would be a nice little lazyness helper.


This is a fact, but there are other parts of the story. Maybe my own perspective to it, and due to this perspective I voted “Keep it”:

  • I like the surprise on a long day about another yay I could do
  • My wife only updates if the machine tells her to do it
  • My daughter is… like the daughter of my wife? and behaves the same
  • It does not hurt and can easily be deactivated

So here is my “I beg you on my knees dear EOS team: Please keep supporting it!”


Well, it requires effort to maintain. And it does create traffic for mirror servers, which is not free. And if it comes preinstalled, it’s bloat, so it requires effort to remove.

None of these are serious issues, though (except possibly no.1). But saying “it does not hurt” is not entirely accurate. It does not hurt much.


I stand corrected! Can we agree on “It does not hurt much”?

Edit: sneaky edit is sneaky!

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Being a relative newbie on all things Arch, I’ve been making use of the pamac-tray-icon. I quite like having an icon appear (bright red) when something is available, and disappear when all updated.
Update Tray Icon