Please make purple hearts count towards "Likes" in Badges

Yeah, title basically says all. I just checked some badges of forum members, and was curious how mine look… and recognized I have given just 5 likes… Because those five where red hearts. I chose to give purple hearts because… EndevourOS? But hey don’t count for badges likes - can this be “fixed”? Fixed as “not a bug, but…”.

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I hate to admit it, but my initial reaction when I read this was something like “who cares?”

After giving it some thought, I realize that isn’t really a fair reaction; even if I am not personally very invested in the badges and gamification features of Discourse, I do appreciate that they are effective ways of increasing community engagement.

Then I started thinking: this isn’t actually just an issue with badges because the “like” count is also tied to user trust level. I’m not sure what the actual requirement is, but for a user to maintain TL3 they need to give and receive a certain number of likes over the course of 100 days.

This means if people are giving and receiving :enos: and :+1: and :purple_heart: instead of :heart:, they could potentially fall short of this requirement and lose the ability to recategorize/rename topics, create wiki posts, hide spam posts by flagging, etc. The metric by which community engagement is being measured has kind of been skewed in this way.

I took a look to see if emoji reactions can be counted as “likes”, but it seems to be a feature that has not been implemented yet. There is a discussion about it here:, which is somewhat interesting to read through but doesn’t appear to have resulted in a feature being implemented or changed yet. The last comment was a couple weeks ago, so I guess it could still be considered an active discussion.

I did see a sort of different feature mentioned here: This allows the “like” feature to be tied to a symbol other than :heart: (the EOS forum “like” could be changed to :purple_heart: or :enos:, for example). It still doesn’t really address the problem of other reactions not being tracked in a way that is relevant to TL levels and forum badges, but kind of a neat idea I guess.

Anyway, all that to say: @milkytwix your request doesn’t seem like something the Discourse software can do at the moment, but I do agree that it would be better if other reactions contributed to this metric somehow. If you are motivated enough, you could create an account at and voice your support for the feature on that thread I linked above.