Please help volume level keeps adjusting itself

Hi guys, hope 2021 is treating you well, love the os, yet having this strange thing happen where I adjust the volume, and then any move in firefox makes the volume drop back to stock. I often have music playing from firefox, and in another tab have a tutorial or something running, but every pause, resize, anything, drops the firefox volume back to default. I will keep looking for answers but hope someone has en counted and has a fix, thank you for your time, God bless :slight_smile:
sorry, just to be clear, it is the mixer volume that keep resetting.

What WM/DE? Does it do that in other browsers too?

Are you using the system volume? Or the volume in from Firefox?

Iā€™m sorry, I am a fool!. I did not notice that every new media tab in the browser gets its own mixer channel, which is why I had to keep bumping the mixer up while closing and opening tabs like a mad man. Thank you for your time.


Glad you found it!

Btw there is a checkbox where you can mark this as the solution.