Please help me COMPLETELY ( or the more the better ) DISABLE the nvidia gpu of my optimus Laptop ( Ideapad gaming 3 AMD + Nvidia )

Hello everybody.

After many months of working on Ubuntu server to make a good entertaining system for my college I got back and installed Endeavour os again. I would also ask the Arch Linux forum but the elitist culture of “RTFM” and “iF iT Is BaSed On ArCh ThAN IT iS n0T aRCh aND w3 CaNN0t help” really doesn’t help me.

My main goal here is to ask you help me to disable the nvidia dgpu that my laptop has, the main reason i have for this is because envycontrol does not work properly ( laptop cannot shut down or reboot ) and i tried the system76-power package but still have ( os error 2 ) problems, I tried the Wiki but did not get my head working on this because I did not understand ( the arch wiki ) I just want the nvidia gpu disabled so it is not even used by the system because I don’t need it and I want more battery life.

any recommendations are accepted.

PS : yes i tried opening the laptop but the gpu is soldered on the motherboard ( i had hopes I could remove it.

have a nice day/night.

First thing to do is to read your Vendor’s User Manual for something related to this.
After you post what the manual says, and no Vendor info exists, post technical info for your system.
Also, explain what you read and did not understand at Archwiki, so we try to make it better.

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Maybe this helps?

It’s not elitist, it’s just not Arch. Same as you don’t get help at Garuda running Manjaro, or if you show up at Honda asking someone to work on your Ford. They might be able to help, but others are much better suited it’s probably not worth the time.

Secondly I’m assuming this is a laptop otherwise, just remove it. You may actually even be able to physically remove the wiring inside anyways.

Does your computer also have an igpu also? That could throw a big loop into this if it doesn’t.

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it has an integrated gpu

the manuals of lenovo don’t have something like this, and I just understand wikis in general, also sometimes the arch one is a bit confusing for me etc etc, it doesnt have something wrong, it is just an issue on my end.

also are you helenic ?

It needs a fix :rofl: . Post your end’s technical details to get advice.

The thing is that the advice you"ll get here looks and feels a lot like Archwiki articles :slightly_smiling_face: .

Yes, and I like to read nicely written text, like including capitalized 1st letter of 1st sentence word :joy: .

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Have you checked if you can disable the Nvidia gpu from within the BIOS/UEFI?


Edit: You also have to black list nouveau!

I think this should be the accepted answer. Disabling the discrete GPU in BIOS should be the most efficient way to do this. The card doesn’t get any resources allocated.

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