Playing videos from url in mpv or celluloid

I wonder if there is any way I could change the resolution for the videos streamed by mpv or celluloid.
Sometimes I am on a connection with data cap. If this would be possible I could save on the data consumption. I have looked a bit at man mpv but I couldn’t see anything relevant. If you know of a way to make this work I would really appreciate it.

You could use streamlink, or type mpv with parameters everytime.


then, to play the video, type streamlink url

In that case, it will try first 1080p60, you could tune it as you wish.

This config file should be in ~/.config/streamlink
name it as config

Edit: Take a look at their documentation:


Thank you so much! This sounds great!
I will look into it and report back later on.

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You are welcome.

One more suggestion is to create a file in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf
If that directory doesn’t exist, just create it.

and include inside:


This worked perfectly!
Thanks for this and link! I will look into the config for mpv as per your suggestion as well.
I’ll let you know how things work out.

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