Plasmashell crashes when adding new plasmoids (miniprogramme)

Hi, just to see if this affects anymdy else. Since today (some updates from kde came in via yay) I cannot add plamoids to my desk anymore. It seems to happen when you have an application task bar added to your desktop.

I jzst installed a fresh KDE endeavour in a VM. Adding plasmoids works. Then I add an application taskbar to the top. After this adding a plasmoid anywhere (same if taskbar or desktop, just ewight click and add plasmoid) plasma crashes and restarts.

If anybody can confirm this I’d open a bug report - I haven’t found one in KDE’s Bugzilla.

Thanks for checking this.

EDIT - as I could reproduce in a fresh installation I just opened

EDIT 2: removing “Global Menu” from top taskbar makes “Add Plasmoids” (Miniprogramme) work again. So Global Menu seems to be buggy.

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