Plasma ( With KDE Apps ) Seems Slower 😬

I am a KDE Plasma Lover and I consider it to be the best DE available . But all KDE apps seem slower to me . Even starting the apps takes longer . i.e. It takes longer to open Dolphin than Thunar , Spectacle takes a little while before taking a screenshot than gnome-screenshot . Even the Settings Manager( systemsettings5 ) takes some time to open .

So my question is

Why is KDE Apps slower than others ?

I just need to know if it’s only my problem . For example thumbnail generation takes longer in Dolphin than in Thunar , others have also experienced this . Hopefully an upcoming update will solve this . But opening Dolphin takes almost twice the time to open Thunar . So I compared other KDE apps with other DE’s preferred applications and found out spectacle takes more time ( almost a second ) to take a screenshot when it’s set to take the screenshot instantly . While gnome-screenshot takes much less ( maybe 300-500 milliseconds ) . konsole vs xfce4-terminal gave the same result . xfce4-terminal opens almost instantly .

One can say booting into Plasma Desktop takes longer because Plasma brings more dependencies with it . But what about taking a screenshot . This slow behavior is the only reason why I had to go back to XFCE before .

My friend also had this experience . And of course it annoys me a lot . I just love Plasma so much to see it lagging :cry:

Edit : It slows down randomly i.e. sometimes slow , sometimes not

Maybe make a little example video and add some basic system specs, so that we have a reference when you say “slow”.

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Animations apparently slowed down in Plasma 5.18 due to some issues with Frameworks 5.70 but was supposed to be fixed after 5.19 was released (source). Maybe reduce the speed of your window effects or disable them completely. It can make Plasma feel more snappy.

That’s not what I want . I will do some more research . Maybe add a video of what exactly I am talking about :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: I took the link down as it expires.

What do you consider slow?

Give some video of an example to see.


My ntework just went super slow . So I will check that later ( in a few hours )

It disappeared today

:confused: :confused: :confused: