Plasma + Wayland Monitor Priorities Initially ignored

Having an issue with my KDE Plasma and Wayland setup.

HW Setup:
3x 1080p monitors

DVI-D-1 leftmost
DP-1 center
HDMI-A-1 rightmost

I have my settings to set DP-1 to be the primary monitor. However on boot the taskbar gets set to DVI-D-1. Each time I have to go into settings and reapply my settings. Specifically,

It says DP-1 is the primary (but not actaully)
I set DVI-D-1 to the primary
I reset DP-1 back to the primary.

At which point works. I tried deleting my .config/kscreen folder but the issue persists.
I should also note that the relative positions at startup are not correct. i.e. moving the mouse from screen to screen,

DVI-D-1 => HDMI-A-1 => DP-1

I think something is re-configuring my display before login. Anyone have any ideas to troubleshoot this?

@Dihedric ,
Change Display Session to X11 at login screen (left-down)
xrandr | grep -w connected

kate /usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xsetup

and add lines (modify them according to xrandr | grep -w connected)
xrandr --output DVI-1 --off
xrandr --output HDMI-1 --off
Save it and log-in into Wayland.
With arandr try to activate DVI-D-1 and HDMI-A-1
(this part was not easy for me) As you see wayland and X11 names are different.
Plan B
Read what Der Doktor wrote but for sddm it did not work for me.

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That worked almost as you described. I didn’t need to use arandr as after re-logging into Wayland activated the displays. After reapplying the config I want in the Plasma settings it survived a reboot.

Thanks for the help!

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