Plasma System Settings

A new update appears to have changed the category for “Audio” to be changed to “Sound” in the system settings and I was wondering if anyone might know a simple way to change it back to Audio?

This was changed with the release of Plasma 6. My question is simply WHY? You are not in system settings, muchless SOUND settings often enough for it to bother you.

I am in system settings every day switching my sound settings. I just want it to say Audio as my brain was already used to that. Plus I like the way Audio looks compared to sound. My guess is that to change it back would require modifying source code.

I doubt you can rename it without changing the source code. Just get used to it :person_shrugging:


I have a feeling they changed it from Sound to Audio then this time from Audio to Sound.

With German language I have Sound :sweat_smile:

Something really smells nasty :poop:

More proof. Thank you. lol

Yea more proof that you are compley wrong.