Plasma remember my meta+left/right tile size

I am not sure if it is an error or a intended feature. When I use meta+left/right to tile window to left/right, it no longer tile the window half half, instead it remembered my last resize (for example, if I use meta+left, and then resize only the right edge to change the width of the window, then next time I use meta+left it will tile to the left but with the width of what I just resized to, instead of half of the screen).

How can I disable, or fix this?

My system is most up-to-date Endeavour OS, with latest plasma 5.27.
Hardware is amd cpu+gpu (same issue on nvidia + intel)

Here is the screen recording for the issue for your information:

I’m not sure, but it sounds like this could be related to the new tiling features that were recently added to KDE. Bring up the tiling settings with meta +T and see if you can resize your tiles back to normal, or disable the feature.

I’m not sure how this works either whether it remembers resize or defaults to whats loaded?

Most probably a part of the new window control/resize features.
I cannot reproduce it, but my shortcuts are a mess, so I am not sure what is failing :worried: .

I have tried both but the issue is stile there

Hi, sorry for late reply, I was playing around recording on wayland… here is a screen recording for the issue:

It flicks back and forth too fast to really understand what you are pointing out. But I think i know what you mean. Nothing i can tell you. Kde desktop is developed by them. I just use it and try to understand how it works. If it’s a feature that works for me then i use it. If it doesn’t work i move on. You are using Wayland so it could be a Wayland issue or it could be the tiling feature. I don’t really know. It’s a minor thing for me as i don’t really use tiling on a regular basis. :man_shrugging:

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What did you try exactly?

FWIW, since you are using the mouse to resize tiled windows, why is this so annoying to use the mouse again, to set the new preferred width?
It is a personal preference, of course, but I think it’s impossible for a dev to cover all users’ expectations. I think you just have to find your way, or create a feature request upstream, so they know. It is a very young feature, and they really expect/want users’ feedback :wink: .

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I have tried to make new tile layout using meta+T, with half half screen split, but it still can’t remember after I resize it. And I tried to disable the meta+T feature, and the issue with meta+T is still there.

Yes, I think I need to get used to it, the feature I want is that no matter how I resize, when I press meta+left/right it will always split half half, I might raise the feature request for that :slight_smile:

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