Plasma Question: Can konsole be replaced with another terminal?

I’m seriously exploring plasma for the first time and there are a lot of things I like. However, I’m not crazy about konsole. I stipulate that I have no experience using konsole and it might grow on me but I really like qterminal. If I were to do a minimal installation of plasma, can I replace konsole with qterminal without breaking anything? Worst case I can just use qterminal and ignore konsole but I’m trying to stay as minimal as possible and not install a lot of things I know I won’t use. I’m still trying to fully understand recent forum discussion of the best minimal install for plasma which was very informative for me and I say thank you to everyone who posted there.

Background to this: the last time I looked at a KDE desktop was probably 7 or 8 years ago when I was still new to linux and KDE was not intuitive for me at that point so I ended up on XFCE. Now, I’m trying to move away from XFCE and trying to learn how to tweak Plasma to my liking. This looks like a long journey but I think it will be worth it.

A big kudos to plasma for power management. It works flawlessly on my newer ThinkPad. Color me very impressed.

Thanks in advance.

You can uninstall konsole and set a different default terminal in system settings.

That being said, konsole is superior to qterminal in almost every way. I say that as someone who rarely believes that anything is objectively better or best. konsole is very configurable. Whatever you like about qterminal, konsole can probably be setup that way.

However, if you want to change it out. The default applications settings look like this under applications in system settings:


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I really like the new battery charging parameters that can be set. I love it.

Dalto, when you tell me something is “better” I will sit up and listen because I have seen over and over your objectivity and I really appreciate it.

For now, I will make qterminal my default and set about learning how to configure konsole to my liking.

Over the pandemic, when I had time to ponder many philosophical questions, I realized that more than half of my favorite programs are actually Qt based and not Gtk based. This is one of the things that has prompted me to start moving away from Xfce.

My objections to konsole are cosmetic which can probably be fixed with help from you guys.

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I usually turn off the session bar and the menu bar which leaves me with a pretty basic terminal interface.

On my main workstation I remove all the window decorations completely and it is running completely frameless.

In my opinion, Konsole is the best terminal emulator in existence. If you are using Plasma, there is really no need to use any other terminal. I’ve tried dozens of them and none come close to Konsole. I also run Konsole completely frameless (a simple Window Rule in KDE). In addition, I also have all maximised windows frameless.

Here is a post with a screenshot that shows how Konsole looks on my computers: [Tip] A better way to add neofetch to your .bashrc

Konsole and Kate are the two main reasons why I use KDE Plasma. The only reason why I would use any terminal other than Konsole is on a computer where I have only dwm, and no KDE (since installing Konsole pulls half of KDE as a dependency, unfortunately).

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Konsole: Hours Later

I’m trying to implement everyone’s advice. Which is great and I really appreciate it.

I now how Konsole in a more minimal appearance that I like better. Still struggling to find the auto-hide mouse feature. I’m sure there is one, I just haven’t got to it yet.

Kresimir, it was your love of Kate that first got me to check it out and it’s now my preferred text editor when I’m not using Vim.

This is such a great place to hang out. I’m tweaking settings and not getting anything productive done but it’s Saturday so that’s okay for a while.


Konsole should automatically hide the mouse cursor when you start typing. I’m not sure if you can turn it off.


Yes, I figured that out while looking for the auto-hide setting.

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