Plasma missing kcm_screen

I was in the fonts section messing with my settings after updating this morning and ran into maybe a bug or something didn’t get pushed correctly.

I noticed my fonts weren’t as I had set them previously or the same size as the night before, unchecked and checked force dpi to 96 again, clicked on the button that says display settings in the warning to also check that those hadn’t changed and got the delightful error telling me that:
could not load plugin from /home/x/kcms/home/x/kcm_kscreen.desktop

Thought that was a bit strange, didn’t notice it was using my home directory to a non-existent folder, so I reinstalled everything plasma and kde.
Noticed the recursive home directory and non-existent folder, recreated the structure and linked to the setting from /usr/share/kservices5/, then tried copying the shortcut.

The error then changed to could not load plugin from kcm_kscreen, so I went to the terminal and following information I found about how to list the modules, ran the command to open the setting.

[x@Overlord build]$ kcmshell5 kcm_screen
Could not find module ‘kcm_screen’. See kcmshell5 --list for the full list of modules.

I’ve reinstalled kscreen, so at this point I can only assume it is a bug of some sort, the setting is there in systemsettings5, but how to fix it?

Executing the shortcut in /usr/share/kservices5/ works fine to open the settings window.

It’s not a bug, everything is fine with your Plasma, just relax. Do not create any symlinks to fix errors which do not exist… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

It’s called kcm_kscreen.

Thanks for the welcome.

Right, typo in the topic.

So this is normal now, because before the update it was taking me to the Display and Monitor section when I got that warning.

Just want to be certain nothing broke when pacman failed to download packages and I re-ran pacman -Syu

That shouldn’t cause breakages because if pacman fails to download packages, it should abort before it does anything else.


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