Plasma desktop won't allow 'switch user'

Opening a new desktop session with another user no longer works as it used to.

Previously (some time back) I could use the ‘switch user’ widget (KDE Plasma desktop), and it would take me to a screen with a ‘switch user’ button. I’d click that and the option to switch user would show up (or start a new session if that user wasn’t already logged on).

Now, the button is there, but it does nothing.

Odd thing is that if I start a new tty (using ctrl+alt+F2) and login as the other user, I can switch sessions fine. Problem is, the other session is just a command prompt…

I want two desktop sessions, one as each user that I can switch between using the ‘switch user’ widget (or crtl+alt+F1/2), it used to be possible, but no no longer seems to be.


Here’s weirder…

I restart the computer and login as user2 (tty1); then I open a new tty (tty2), login as user1 and start the sddm sudo systemctl restart sddm.service; logon in that screen as user1…

Now, my tty1 session is a kde desktop as before, but now logged in as user1.

It’s like KDE will only be on tty1 and nowhere else…

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I’d like to learn something new. I put to the desktop of both user a and b the widget
‘User Switcher’. Both are administrators and ticked the Advanced Show technical session information in each of them.
selecting user b asks for password and logs in. ‘User switch’ widget looks like this
CTRL/Alt/F1orF2 changes the graphical sessions.
Installation is as of today.
A useless note: I’m still trying to convince myself that Pasma is the best, but LMDE has this

  dm-tool [OPTION...] COMMAND [ARGS...] - Display Manager tool

  -h, --help        Show help options
  -v, --version     Show release version
  --session-bus     Use session D-Bus

  switch-to-greeter                                    Switch to the greeter
  switch-to-user USERNAME [SESSION]                    Switch to a user session
  switch-to-guest [SESSION]                            Switch to a guest session
  lock                                                 Lock the current seat
  list-seats                                           List the active seats
  add-nested-seat [--fullscreen|--screen DIMENSIONS]   Start a nested display
  add-local-x-seat DISPLAY_NUMBER                      Add a local X seat
  add-seat TYPE [NAME=VALUE...]                        Add a dynamic seat

and in case of --fullscreen, Alt/tab can be used for switching sessions.
Is it true that Debian is used in (space)ships?

EDIT2: Back to Plasma.
If reinstall is not an option try this very similar widget:
yay -S ocs-url
is a prerequisite to install. It’s 3 years old, tried version 1.3 and it also works for me.
Version 1-2-4 is better, (1-3 doesn’t show session a,b from session a). Ctrl/Alt/F1 F2
switches without entering password each time.


That’s exactly how it used to work for me. Now it doesn’t and I can’t figure out why not. I can’t even get to the stage you’re at here because I can’t start the new session for the second user. Using the ‘New Session’ option takes me to the lock screen on which there’s only one user shown (it has a ‘Switch User’ button but it does nothing when clicked).