Plasma boot up login error!

The last thing i did was :
unistalled jack,
installed jack2,
do somemore reading on wiki abt jack
then $shutdown,
due to impatient, i do also $shutdown now.

Btw, the gui launcher not showing any option under “leave” option (just no option at all, usually shld hav , standby, shutdown, restart… option); i thought just the gui is laggy, never hav a 2nd thought it leads to such big issue.
now i restart the laptop, this happened.

the whole login page is not the one i have usually
Btw: what is this page called? or what session or something? ssdm or …? need to learn the common name for this so that in the future i know how to call it so that you guys know what i am talking abt, else btw me and u guys will hav language term barrier

i m using hp to send this to forum .
i tried to enter password, but it just no respond.
I am now at tty, but dont know how to solve this problem, all those journal and dmesg… without gui.

Pls help me with this.

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You have broken sddm. Plasmas display manager of choice. It looks like the theme is missing according to the output.

So could it be when i do remove the Jack using pamac that causes this error ? Shouldn’t be… (my guess)
What is this login thing called if sddm died ?

I saw this :]

There i believe have option to reinstall the theme via tty2 or timeshift… because i did timeshift few days ago onto thumbdrive

No being impatient and shutting down your system while it was in the middle of something did.


I didn’t know it was working, . usually (habbit from windows os) i will look at the hdd led. if it blinking, i will wait… but this never blink led… i have no idea if it is working or idle

What do you think ? timeshift or download the theme ?
Can you lay out all the fix on the table ?
I want to use this opportunity to learn as much as possible ways to fixing this…
Right now i have switched to a very old HP Optiplex 755 (upgraded) to do forum and reading

Does this package matches ?

Does not sound quite like it.

I have never broken my system this way. If you go blindly into trying to fix this you could render your system unusable / recoverable. Wait for help.

The breeze theme is in the package plasma-workspace

That being said, if you uninstalled jack without reading the package list, your system is probably fairly broken. Never uninstall software in pamac or any other tool without carefully reading the list of packages that it is going to remove.

At the very least you should reinstall the plasma group with:

sudo pacman -S plasma --needed

You are likely going to find that there are lot of applications missing that you will need to re-install.

For future reference, to switch from jack to jack2 don’t uninstall it. Just install the one you want and it will remove the other one for you.


He says he has time shift installed. Hopefully it is stored on another drive. Couldn’t they just fire up a live iso, install time shift there, and then restore the snapshot?

If he knows how to safely do a timeshift restore I would do that.

He likely removed a lot of applications


Ok, I learnt now to install Jack2 over Jack i just install over it… ** I thought i will leaves too much junk in the system if i don’t remove it… **

Yes, i do have timeshift, but i rather do this first… a good learning opportunity. If failed, i will do timeshift… there are a lot of sites teaches now to recover using timeshift… i believe i can do it when other method failed. :wink:

I did a #pacman -S plasma -needed
it came out to be like this:
I suppose those list from 1 - 14 are those that being removed ?

Yes, just hit enter to install all of them.

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Yeah! Able to login just fine after restarted. The Neah! thing was, the settings were gone. When i double clicked the folders on Desktop, it uses “Filelight” to open (which actually just show the round pie chart of what file occupied how much space of the folder). When i double clicked a png file, it ask me what software to open it with…etc.
I guess this is the time i need timeshift :sweat_smile: whether timeshift snapshots i made is of good one or not, will find out soon.
@dalto What do you think ? is there any other way that i can do to repair before i proceed to timeshift ?

Not all setting were gone… my kwin global shortcuts appears to work just fine.

I don’t think your settings are gone. It is more likely that all the software you once used to open those file types is no longer installed. You probably don’t even have a web browser anymore. You also probably removed dolphin.

Either take a look at the pacman log(/var/log/pacman.log) and reinstall whatever you removed or restore your timeshift backup.

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Oh my God! You are so right… i looked thru the log… firefox were gone, dolphin were gone…!! How do you know all these ?
And how on earth just uninstall a jack will remove firefox and dolphin and other unrelated stuff ?? so horrible.

Can i use the log file the “removed packages” to become auto install packages list instead of typing in to install package by package. ?

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You basically removed a significant part of your audio subsystem so anything that requires those audio features was removed. The horrible part is ignoring the big list of packages that pamac told you it was uninstalling.

If you have the scripting skill you could write a script to do it. Unless you are decently good at scripting it would probably be faster for a one-time operation to open the file in one window and a terminal in another and copy/paste between them.

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To see the hierarchy of packages that depend on jack

pactree -r jack

Pamac must have removed jack and all dependencies recursively, which blew away a large chunk of your system.

This is why users should have a solid understanding of Arch package management and learn how to effectively use pacman instead of blindly relying on a tool like Pamac.

Even then the long list of packages for removal would have required confirmation first within Pamac … which for some unknown reason was accepted.

To see the hierarchy of packages that jack depends on

pactree jack

This is an example of why there are a few of us who always advise not to use Pamac for package management, and are constantly ignored.

It’s really easy to miss something like that in the GUI, what is obvious in the CLI.

I think the easiest fix is to restore a timeshift snapshot. Log out, go to TTY2 with Ctrl+Alt+F2, type your username and password, run:

sudo timeshift --restore

and select the most recent one before the screw-up. Confirm that you want to restore the snapshot and don’t touch anything until the computer automatically reboots.

I think it is a bad idea to try to fix this manually, because nobody can guide you through the entire process and you won’t know if you missed anything, so you might have mysterious errors in a month or so. I foresee the nightmare of troubleshooting those. :sweat_smile:


Pamac does show the list of packages being removed or installed just like pacman does . In fact pamac’s list is more easy to read ; it’s just one package in one line . But not inspecting that list can be done anywhere , both GUI and Terminal . Btw I did remove firefox along with other packages recently in the same manner in Garuda :grin:

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