Plasma and EOS Update Notifier issue

EOS Update Notifier has been reported to not store information about the displayed notifications in the notification window where many other apps do.

Currently we have no solution for this. Any help with Plasma notifications (and co-operation with yad) would be much appreciated.

However, as a kind of a workaround, user might consider changing the following settings in file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf on Plasma systems:


Also when there are both repo and AUR updates it only shows the repo update info.

I could change this a bit to show also possible AUR updates, and with an option configurable by the user.

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This is what i get on plasma.

Edit: I really haven’t noticed this window come up before so I’m not sure whether the update notifier is even active. I assume it is?

I think what @otherbarry means is when there are updates from the repo’s and the AUR at the same time, the notifier, the actual little pop-up, only informs that there are only repo updates. This is not only on Plasma but with every DE.

I remember that in the past eos-update-notifier did inform the user in that case, but they were two separate pop-ups and a lot of users thought this behaviour was too annoying, so @manuel changed it.


Ideally both available repo and AUR package updates would displayed in a single message.