Plasma 6 Weather Report problem

Hello, can you help me in this case? Fresh install. Every other weather widget working w/o any problem.
Thanks in advance!

Works here. Maybe stupid question: You did a system update after the fresh install so everything is up to date?

Was about to ask the same thing

Yes. Everything is up to date.

Edit: removed all other widgets (clock, memory, calendar) and after a reboot it works. Weird.

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I wouldn’t worry about it too much than unless it happens again then, did you happen to update during the session you added the widget/noticed the issue?

I don’t need a weather widget, I just assume it will be cold, wet and windy, I live in the UK :smiley: :cloud_with_rain: I am invariably correct :rofl:



Oh look, I am right (again and again…).

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Yer the only time I check the weather reports here are when I want to see the radar to figure out if I can get from a to b without getting drenched when its raining

it’s wet here…just like my life :frowning:

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I updated Wayland (via Git) and now even my basic System monitor widgets aren’t showing up like they used to. Can you post your System Info for Qt version?

Edit: Just…Plasma seems to be going ahead of things.

I am right and have zero friends has been a punch line for a few weeks now.

Ehm. Still right though :smiley:

extra/qt6-base 6.7.0-2 (13.5 MiB 55.9 MiB) [qt6] (Installed)

Some packages are still at 6.7.0-1

Whatever you updated via git you’re probably using software in a development state and you have to deal with breakage yourself. Best to reinstall the official release (non-git) packages.

yay your own Wayland dude. or via whatever. you’ll be getting stuck in a loop that’ll remind you of a (edit: nullies) Berlin (techno) bunker.

All my arch updates are CXX compiles of hours on end from plasma. I don’t likle it either so you got fix?

Edit 2: They’re all kde/qt6 related and well mainly I have to admit…they fix plasma bugs actually. but some things I noticed yeah…widgets broke.

All the necessary plasma and system packages should come precompiled from the Arch repos without any need to compile something for hours. No idea what’s going on there. :person_shrugging:

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Super up-to-date idd. Qt 6.5 minimal is what recents are going for. And it’s a nice system, very much effort to get into low level hardware machine language and make it look nice…I’m widget-blind myself ftm but I just don’t care that much because I’m hyperupdating to get my Oculus going. Arch will pick up on this don’t worry. Look out the window for the weather :wink:

arch yay heroes are doing the gits often man. But you’re right I don’t know if cloned those myself or went yay so probably yoghurted it.

edit: I’m trying to keep a track record to convey what I did should I get my Rift S working and tell everyone but sadly. I updated Qt and Wayland up the *mhm now with al hopes and dreams and I had to resort to X11. I really thought OpenXR could break through through to this finally. But yeah I just broke stuff?

Edit: Qt is sooo high end.
Edit 2: I want in.
Edit 3: I don’t trust it.
Edit 4: :rofl:
Edit 6000: Corectrl is corectrlling my AMD cards in C++ and I love it.But why only Qt? Who’s banging their wives and should I.Eh.

Anything to add to the initial question?
Or is your question general something you experience with plasma/kde/qt6 on your machine?

—> If second please open a new thread and ask your question.

This one is solved.

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