Plasma 6, Wayland, Steam/Proton - mouse/camera spinning around

I’m experiencing an ugly bug, while playing EVE Online since the Update to Plasma 6.
If I use my mouse for camera movement inside the game, it seems that the cursor gets snapped and due to this the camera does some wild spins.

I searched the web, and this problem affects many users of plasma 6. Til now I couldn’t find any solution.

Just wondering if anybody here in this forum is experiencing the same behaviour and perhaps already has found a solution for it?

Edit: Works fine with X11, seems Wayland related.

I’ve seen spinning cam after update to plasma 6, after deactivated KDE actions for screen corners problems are gone for me. If i remember i did a second thing: switch game on second monitor and back to primary. One of them helped, because spinning mouse problem is gone for me.

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I have never experienced the problem.

Some people have different solutions of their own:

  • Use gamescope as a game compositor independent Kwin
  • Depending on your game, try another Proton version, e.g Proton-GE 7.55
  • Use Wine 9
  • Try to disable many Desktop Effects
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I’ll try that and report back.

Thanks for the tips, disabling the active corner settings actually did the trick.

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