Plasma 6 Flickering / Nvidia


I just upgraded to plasma 6, with wayland.

What I have been noticing on Steam, Discord and games is that it flickers quite a lot.
I believe that might be wayland or something that happen when I upgraded to plasma 6.
also might be related to the information, I do have a Nvidia GPU.

Anyone else that is having the issue and might have a workaround?

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I have the same setup and same issue. It also affects all text input, which makes my computer unusable now.

In regards to the text input, it like parts of the text are copied and pasted really quickly as I’m typing. So like half the characters show up, then disappear, then reappear. The cursor moves when this happens, so it’s incredibly difficult to type.

But yeah, both Steam and Discord flicker when displaying anything (not just the text input stuff). Also, in game is noticeably not smooth.

Oh, and context menus (like right clicking the mouse) bring up a blank window that fills in after several seconds. Also, they are in the wrong place on the screen. For example, right clicking the desktop brings up the context menu in the middle of my display, not where I clicked.

Is there a way to revert back to X11?

I believe you can set environment var and have electron start in wayland mode and not x11 (default)

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What I did was just to log out, at the selection at one of the corner, you can chose either wayland or X11 so I went back to X11, then its smooth again and no issue

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