Plasma 6 cannot download themes

Greetings to all, first of all, sorry for my bad English.I’m using google translate. Secondly my problem is the following, through the settings application /global theme it doesn’t download anything to me, I click on install but it doesn’t do anything and if it says update either. It’s not punctual because it hasn’t worked for at least two weeks. Any ideas?

Is the system updated?
how are you connecting to the internet? wire/wireless
some basic hardware info like network card?
in case you need help with logs

I connect via wifi and the firewall turns it off, I’m up to date with updates, plasma 6.0.3

Maybe this has something to do with the recent global themes issue?

I actually noticed similar to this with color schemes this past weekend. Just thought it was my system being stupid.

I think you maybe right. In the meantime people can always just use

I read about it, maybe it’s the problem, if it happens to more people it will have to do with it