Plasma 6.1 + Multi-Monitor on Nvidia 555 Beta Notes

Currently, I have a multi-monitor setup for my PC with an RTX 3070 running the Nvidia 555 Beta update. I installed this because I wanted to see if the new explicit sync update works.

The monitors are the following:

  1. Pixio PX277P 2560x1440p@165Hz (Freesync Supported)
  2. Samsung S22R35x 1920x1080p@75Hz(Freesync Supported, not detected)
  3. RTK-ZZX-FHD-HDR 1920x1080p@60Hz(No Freesync) - I don’t expect anything from this as this was a cheap touchscreen monitor from amazon.

Some findings:

  • VRR effect only works if there is only one monitor plugged in.
    • Even when only one monitor is plugged in, it does not change the monitor’s refresh rate in the OSD (Maybe due to my monitor being Freesync only?)
  • The widgets now freeze (even the clock) when running an application in fullscreen mode and only come back when the app is either no longer in fullscreen or is off (e.g. games or fullscreen youtube videos in Chrome.)
  • Sometimes, the settings application will close and no longer open, alongisde the widgets, only Krunner will work to either restart the plasma shell or the system.
  • Xwayland applications (Steam, DaVinci Resolve, Chromium / Electron apps, etc.) No longer flicker when running. (This was also resolved in 545 by installing egl-wayland-git from the AUR)
  • Games no longer stutter badly when running lower than monitor refresh rate.
  • The new sticky edges feature is nice but I think it should only be active when dragging windows. It really throws me off when I try to move my mouse across monitors and it stays there.

How I installed the new plasma update:

  • Ran sudo pacman -Syu plasma
    • Before, this would need the testing repositories but it looks like they’ve been moved to the normal repositories now.

How I installed the nvidia 555 beta:

Currently, the system is stable but there are some things I would maybe like to make a bug report on (like the frozen widgets on other monitors when a fullscreen app is running), otherwise good update.

I’ve been running plasma 6.1 since the beta on my rtx 3080. I’m also using the 555 beta drivers, but I haven’t had any issues so far. I have two 2560x1440p@165hz gsync monitors. They are both the same model.

I have read that some people have had problems with VRR, so maybe try disabling that and see if you still have some of your other issues. I believe it is working for me. I have it enabled on both monitors and I believe it is working as intended. I have been using this tool to test

I tested the individual cpu core widget and a full screen video in firefox and nothing froze for me.

I ran into an issue with the system settings cache being outdated, but it fixed itself and it has worked every time since then.

If you just move the mouse faster, it will pass right through.

All in all with the exception of some minor bugs. It has been a solid update. I believe the biggest problem I had was installing the update for 6.1 Both with the beta and stable versions. It killed my login session. I think that might have been more to do with the beta though.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll make a note of these. I tested the fullscreen video with firefox and it doesn’t freeze the widgets. Using a chromium-based browser and doing the same is what causes the widgets to freeze. Maybe there’s something that it tries to do in chrome that firefox doesn’t? I’ll have to keep looking somewhere. Is there a log that I could maybe look at while that’s happening? That’s really the only issue I have.