Plasma 6.1 Mouse Shake does not work

Since I updated to KDE 6.1 I saw that by shaking the Mouse, the pointer should get bigger.
Not working for me, I already disabled and enabled it in Accessibility without luck.

Anybody could tell me how to proceed?

Worked fine for me on Plasma 6.1, doesn’t seem to work anymore on Plasma 6.1.1 (the cursor just goes invisible instead of getting bigger).

So if you are using Plasma 6.1.1 this is most likely a bug / regression.

I made a bug report:

I can confirm. Same issue on my system.

Works fine for me (up to date).
Edit: Cancel that…not up to date…and now broken (as in, I have the cursor shake problem too). I can’t believe I hadn’t updated since last night.

My bug report was just marked as a duplicate, so it was already a known regression / bug and a fix is in the works:

I just updated to 6.1.1 and am not seeing the bug on AMD. Fastfetch is saying I’m running the current one but I haven’t restarted since install.

Fixed with

Working now. Thanks a lot.