Plasma 6.1 - June 18


Of course the obvious questions is, “when will we see this for EndeavourOS?”

When it hits the Arch Linux repos, so as mentioned in a similar thread probably 1 to 2 weeks


It’s in extra-testing. My money would be on tomorrow.

I have been using the beta for a while now and went ahead and grabbed the official release out of the testing repos. There was an issue when me and a few others installed the beta where it would forcibly log you out during the upgrade process.

Unfortunately, when I installed the official version from the testing repos. The same thing happened. Hopefully that gets caught before it makes it to stable. However, considering it was there in the beta and still in the testing repos. I would recommend that everyone do this update inside of a tty. Other than the beta and the official release have been great improvements over 6.0.

It will if people using it report it to the right places so the issue is known about, this is why they have a testing channel


Yeah, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I didn’t wanna report it to upstream Arch since this is endeavourOS, and they won’t like that little detail. Even though this most assuredly effects vanilla Arch as well.


Maybe just report it anyway, the worst that happens is they get annoyed the best that happens is they test and fix


I decided to try and reproduce with an Arch iso in a virtual machine and couldn’t reproduce it. Might be another nvidia thing or setup specific.


I’m still new here, so please forgive my ignorance. Does anyone know if this fixes the washed out HDR look? I didn’t see it referenced in the release notes.

That might depend on what was causing the issue. There was a kernel update that broke hdr for some people a couple of months ago, but I believe that has been fixed. There was an issue with various display port versions having issues that has been semi fixed.

Nvidia Gpu’s:

AMD Gpu’s:


  • The comments on this bug report points to it being an Nvidia issue.

  • This one is about srgb content

A lot of issues have been fixed, but those are the ones that I could find that are still open. Basically not every issue is caused by KDE and may be a bug on your hardware manufacturer’s side.

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Thank you much for the thorough response! It looks like I fall into the nVidia camp. I’ll check out the driver updates. Thanks again for steering me in the correct direction. Next time I’ll remember to post hardware specs. I’m still learning >.>

Yes, this happened to me both with the beta and release versions. The second time, it left me with an unbootable system (as the update also included a kernel upgrade). I was able to fix it quickly enough by chrooting in and completing the update, but I truly hope they fix this before it leaves the testing repos.

Other than that snag, Plasma 6.1 is great. I highly recommend everyone tries it out, just make sure you have a live EndeavourOS USB handy to perform arch-chroot. :wink:

Can confirm it is NOT Nvidia related - my computer is all Intel/AMD.

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That’s exactly what it will be… :wink:

how come lxde never gets any press or youtube documentaries? asking for a friend.

Because the userbase and therefore potential audience interested in hearing about and clicking on lxde topics is minuscule. Our content creators are struggling enough farming “popular” topics like gnome vs kde or wayland vs x11 already.

I had a feeling that was the case, but my friend wasn’t sure. thanks. :slight_smile:

Plasma 6.1 is now in the official repo. Just made an update. Got it


and ???


Is it true? you are … now totally enlightened?
Everything has changed to be perfect?

I need to test … build new ISO now all configs are doomed again :enos: