Pipewire service error

My audio (speaker output) on my laptop does not working after waking from sleep, it has sound but a broken sound (small volume and broken sound), but there is no problem with headphone jack. And reboot the laptop will solve the problem for a while but it will happen again after I close the lid and the login again.
I tried to check the status for the pipewire service and its like this:

[yuanhao@yh-G14-GA402RK ~]$ pipewire
[W][01400.675666] mod.rt       | [     module-rt.c:  259 translate_error()] RTKit error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown
[W][01400.675738] mod.rt       | [     module-rt.c:  578 set_nice()] could not set nice-level to -11: No such file or directory
[W][01400.676001] mod.rt       | [     module-rt.c:  259 translate_error()] RTKit error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown
[E][01400.676113] mod.protocol-native | [module-protocol-:  708 lock_socket()] server 0x55a19d17ff30: unable to lock lockfile '/run/user/1000/pipewire-0.lock': Resource temporarily unavailable (maybe another daemon is running)
[E][01400.676149] pw.conf      | [          conf.c:  560 load_module()] 0x55a19d1410a0: could not load mandatory module "libpipewire-module-protocol-native": Resource temporarily unavailable
[E][01400.676195] default      | [      pipewire.c:  125 main()] failed to create context: Resource temporarily unavailable

What is happening and how to fix this ?

Seems to be a kernel bug: the above problem (broken and small sound after wake from sleep) is on the latest kernel (5.18), but when I use the 5.17.7 kernel (5.17.7-arch1-g14-1), the problem is gone… However, the error message form pipewire and pw-cli are still there.

Actually not, the problem still appears when I wake the laptop from sleep…sound still broken and small

Is this how you check pipewire status?
Interesting… It looks like it’s not.

Maybe try pw-cli and better read Archwiki for a start.
Pipewire is a new toy and not many have good troubleshooting experience.

I would start searching journal for any error messages, although I have no idea what to lookfor… :person_shrugging:

Funny, you seem to have a namesake :wink:


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I should just post that here since I am running EndeavourOS currently.

Sorry about the inconvenience caused

pw-cli gives me this error:

[yuanhao@yh-G14-GA402RK ~]$ pw-cli
Welcome to PipeWire version 0.3.51. Type 'help' for usage.
>> remote 0 is named 'pipewire-0'
Error: "unsupported type PipeWire:Interface:Profiler"

And yes, I have tried what is said on Archwiki, especially those related, like Audio_problems_after_standby, but it does not help

No problem.

It’s just that over at Arch Forum, they might not be very, let’s say, keen on to help if the find out that one is not using Arch, installed in the BTW-way.

Here though, you could also post if you are using Arch(-based) systems as shown in
#arch-based-related-questions for General system category. It could be a good idea though to just let people know what system.

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yeah I notice that too… actually I did have arch, but on my desktop, I kind of get used to post every problem on Arch forum… EndeavourOS is a first try, on laptop, so far the experience is very like arch and quite good :slight_smile:

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solved by following this: https://gitlab.com/marcaux/g14-2021-s3-dsdt, then install and run aur package update-grub

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