Pipewire and easyeffects

I used pulseeffects to calibrate my headsets, so on my new Atlantis install I duplicate the same with Pipewire. Funny thing was all of these LSP plugins showed up in my menu.

Just curious… how to use them. Click on them and they show up looking all pretty but non functional.
What do I need? If can tell I’m not the audio guru! :flushed:


they come in as a dependency for easyeffects.

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I wonder why so many. Not all are integrated with easyeffects. Still I’m curious! Going to some reading on how they’re used with host programs. Thanks Joe! :grinning:

i think they are used for the plugins.

They sure do make a mess in the Whisker Menu though! :rofl:


@jonathon I’ve already calibrated my headphones. What I was curious about was all of the extra plugins in the whisker menu and how to use them in other host programs. And which programs use them. ie Ardour and such. Thanks for the help. :+1:

Likely things in the pro-audio group.


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O wow! That’s alot! Looks like I’ll been doing a lot of studying! Thanks for the links. Looks like everything in 1 spot.

Thank you so very much! :smiley:

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Tagline for the Arch wiki… :joy:


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