Pinebook Pro powering off on lid close

On my install of pinebook pro, the laptop is suddenly getting powered off when I’m closing the lid.
This is a super strange behaviour and I don’t know why it is happening.

I’m running :enos: arm with Cinnamon desktop.

Suspend on cinnamon also doesn’t work, both via pressing the button in GUI and running.

systemctl suspend

All the above things result in me needing to press the poweroff button for a long time and then press it again to power off to a fresh boot.

Big thread on their web forum.

probably more threads there - I can find them in search engines, but the links are dead. With posts going back to 2020, this seems to be a well known problem.

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how can I use a laptop without closing the lid :rofl: ?? It has to be a basic feature

It seems deep sleep state on pinebook pro is broken (it was discussed on pine64 discord).
They didn’t give a solution but my tinkering has led me to this solution:



in /etc/systemd/sleep.conf is working.

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