Pine phone64 Explorer Edition; My non technical review

I paid $400. bucks for the phone, and it took about 2 weeks to receive it. It shipped from Hong Kong. It was well wrapped for shipment. It came with no power adapter. Instead a usb-c power cable was supplied. The battery had tape over the electrodes, so after removing it, and re installing battery I saw that battery was at 56%. I plugged it into my computer, and began charging it, and charging it, and charging it. I charged it over night, and saw that it was at 85%. Another 4 hours brought it to 96%, and I called it good. Maybe it requires a more powerful charger. I don t know, but the charging system sucks if you ask me. So. Time to boot it up. The red light came on, then it turns green, then the light went out, and nothing. I do it again, and same thing. The third time the screen lit up. During loading of the OS the screen turned black, (the terminal), and a message stated phone couldn t be used until some file was installed. I was thinking, maybe it means the sim card, so I inserted the sim from my t-moble phone. It completely booted up this time. It took several attempts but eventually I was able to make a phone call with this sim; one phone call. I couldn t get it to make any more calls. On the one call the sound was tinny, and very scratchy sounding. Not good at all. The camera app does not work at all.Tap the icon, and it tries to load, but never completes. I configured wifi, and that works well enough. It auto connects consistently when phone boots up. I tried streaming video. Went to usnewsondotcom and watched 23 minutes of fox news. That burned up 24% of the battery. I don t know how that compares with other phones because I do not normally do that with a phone. I just wanted to see how the battery would act. So the internet portion of the phone seems to work. It s the calling, and the charging portions that suck out of the box. IMO, one can not rely on this phone as a daily use phone the way it is. Not the way it comes from factory. Maybe with another OS… so I ran it a few days, removed sim, and went back to my trustworthy flip phone. A $400. paper weight is what I have at the moment. As far as returning it there s a large restocking fee, so I m just going to keep the thing. Maybe when I get the notion I ll try another OS. I will say though, I don t doubt that for those who have the knowledge this thing would rock.