Picture-in Picture (Firefox)

Really like the new Picture-in-Picture feature on Firefox. It’s a nice feature.

Hmmm, I think its a pain so I turned it off. I don’t use PIP on the tv, but I’m glad there’s an option for others who like it.

Not for on the tv. I like it on the website here because if you start playing a video you can still scroll and look at other things and still have the video playing on the screen and it doesn’t move. You just put it where you want and you can size it and still do other work.


Very complicated to deactivate, indeed :smiley:

I don’t understand because you don’t have to use it? It’s just a little place you click to enable pip in Firefox on a video. So, if a person doesn’t want to use it they aren’t forced to. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

hello, it is automatically activated

It is automatically activated but a user doesn’t need to use it unless they want to. In order to use it one has to click on the little blue picture in picture box. You can also right click and hide the picture in picture toggle which in fact turns if off in preferences.

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