Picking a GPU

Hey EndeavourOS!

So, against all odds, GPUs seem to actually restock slowly here in Denmark! Awesome! So I’m starting to think about replacing my old 1060…

Currently I’m torn between AMD and Nvidia… I know this is a Linux forum, but Nvidia hate aside I really think their latest generation kicks ass. Despite being slightly higher above MSRP in Denmark, they still seem to offer more bang for your buck.

Currently I’m looking at a 3070. A cheap model can be found at hardware shops for around 6000DKK (900EUR ish). I’ve looked at benchmarks and ray tracing and my days, I’m blown away compared to my 1060 haha!

I have also looked at the 6700xt and the 6800. The 6700xt sits at kind of a weird place between the 3060ti and 3070 with the price of a 3070, and tbh the 6800 seems better for me personally. It is a bit more expensive here compared to the 3070, though I feel I might as well spend more and in turn have a powerful GPU for longer.

I plan on playing primarily CS:GO (very overpowered I know, my 1060 already gets me plenty of frames haha), but I’m also trying to get back into sim-racing, and I’d really love to drift in Assetto Corsa in VR in the future - as well as playing some actual new titles heh. Hopefully I can keep my new GPU for atleast as long as I had my old 1060.

Has anyone bought any of the new generation graphics cards? How are you finding them? I’ve personally never had nvidia issues, but do the 30-series work ok on Linux? How about AMD 6-series?

I don’t know exactly the point of this thread, but I’d love to hear if anyone has any experience with the next gen here!

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Here you can find information about the latest Nvidia driver support on Linux:

Thank you! Checking it out now :smile:

3070 cards should be supported.

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If your primary use case is in Linux, unless you have a specific requirement where the 3070 will really shine under Linux I would go AMD. It is just so much easier to deal with than nvidia. For the most AMD just works while with nvidia you will have hassles to deal with.


I think I agree. I know it’s the hot new thing, but I do really like ray tracing. Do you guys think AMD ray tracing will get better as cards age and more develop for them? The 6800 seems to crush the 3070 in FPS every time until ray tracing comes into play heh - atleast in many games. It seems more games are optimized for nvidia cards.

Better? Yes, probably. Better than the current generation of nvidia cards? Highly unlikely.

That being said, the state of ray tracing on Linux is also not as mature as Windows either.

Also, pretty sure you won’t be needing ray tracing in CS:GO :smiley:

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You couldn’t pay me enough to touch an Nvidia card and be forced to deal with their flaky proprietary drivers.


I bought a GTX 1060 and i won’t buy another. Next one will be the AMD as i did also get an RX 590 and it is awesome.


I had a RX580 and now have a RX5600XT, and I love both. So effortless to get working, and never had a problem with the driver failing because it hasn’t been updated to work with the latest released kernel. NEVER had that ease of use with my old GTX 760


Yes i wanted to get an RX 5600XT also but now we can’t get anything. So i wait and i would like the
RX 6700XT Nitro by Sapphire.

Ya lately it’s been nothing but problems with nvidia every time an update happens and it fails.

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You may want to check the psu requirements before looking into a new video card.

As with some others here, I will never purchase an Nvidia card again–especially after that fiasco with the drivers failing. I’m eyeing up an RX 65700 XT (probably Pulse) from Sapphire when (and if) prices go down and supplies go up.

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Here there is $100.00 difference between the Pulse and the Nitro. $749.99 Cdn vs $849.99 Cdn.

Personally I’d go 6800 to avoid that money going to NVidia… Stick it to the man :wink: However, my budget means I have to go with 2013 i3 graphics :rofl:


900 eur for 3070??? That’s crazy. Whatever you end up getting will most likely work just fine.

I’ve had AMD cards since I got a first gen Mac Mini way back when, until I stopped bying macs and build a hackintosh. Since then I’ve had NVidia 600, 900 and 1000 series. There was always some bullshit to deal with on macOS and now NVidia is no longer even supported because of some beef between NVidia and Apple. Never had issues with AMD cards on macs.

I want to second that. A while ago I switched from nvidia gtx 1660 Ti to a Sapphire Radeon RX 5600XT and I am really impressed with the performance. Especially the opencl performance is significantly better with the RX 5600XT.

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Unless you’re a masochist, don’t touch NVIDIA with a barge pole! AMD cards will substantially simplify your life. The choice is a little easier nowadays as NVIDIA appear to have lost their performance edge.


I’m going to echo the sentiment of everyone who expressed preference for AMD over Nvidia. On Linux, Nvidia has been nothing but trouble for me. Yes, you can get it to work, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort, at least in my opinion.

Until Nvidya changes their ways (fat chance), it remains on my “avoid like plague” list, right next to Gigabyte motherboards…