Am thinking of moving from Manjaro to Endeavouros but I do like to have the digital photoframe on my desktop. For some reason it’s not available in the Endeavouros widgets. Any way of downloading such an app?

If this is for KDE go to desktop and right click->add widget
In the search bar type picture
Is this what you where after?
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Edit, its called Media Frame

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It’s there on cinnamon under desklet, something like that:

You can select cinnamon DE in the online installer. Maybe kde has some similar widget.

I can’t imagine that conky would have any trouble with it - if I am visualizing its operation correctly… :grin:

Of course, with conky as a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

Sorry, my mistake, I should have specified endeavouros KDE

Gee - I guess that makes you the first to make a mistake!..NOT

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Don’t know kde widgets. :rofl:

That’s a pretty funny reason, the DE on eos and Manjaro and other arch based distros are not fundamentally different. Some of them are themed and some are not pre-themed. Basic widgets etc should be available. So that should not be a problem.

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Thanks for your suggestions but I ask the question because photoframe, mediaframe or whatever is NOT in the widget selection (as in Manjaro) nor in ‘get more widgets’

Perhaps because you searched for the wrong name in online widgets? Could it be Picture frame?

I am not familiar with this widget on KDE so please check what it is actually called on Manjaro?

Are you sure? I haven’t added any extra widgets besides panon

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On Manjaro KDE it is a widget called Media Frame. For some reason it isn’t included in the Endeavouros KDE widgets - all the other available widgets look the same. Nor is it available through the 'Get new widgets’option. Simply, I was wondering whether there was another way of downloading this widget or, perhaps, a different app altogether. I wasn’t asking how to install KDE wigets in general.

Not that I can find, maybe have a look on but the only ones I could find had no links to download. There is also this but I haven’t tried it out this way

I can find it on my end. I merely typed “med” and there it was. :man_shrugging:



I bet it’s there because you have an older install. It doesn’t come up on mine either with KDE installed with the latest ISO.

Edit: Is it part of a meta package that was removed previously?

Could it be one of those things/capabilities that got dropped recently to re-prioritize devel time?

I think it probably is in one of the meta packages in KDE. I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it. Unless they dropped it? Maybe manjaro is using a fork of the package?

Edit: I’m not sure with Widgets?

Quite possible, my install is from August. I would assume it’s still in some package, but where, I have no idea.

I’ll investigate it a bit further in couple of hours.