Phone games for older folks

Bit of an odd question, I need some simple games for Android.

My parents are finally moving onto smartphones, I got my mom a 2nd hand Huawei device. It works perfect for news, camera, browsing, Youtube and all that. Stripped it for most of bloat. But it’s still not the peak “gamer” device that kids are using nowdays. More of a transitional smartphone to learn the basics until we get something better.

So, I’m looking for games to fit that bill, 2048 is all I can think of, as I don’t play any games on my phone. Non English speakers too, so no crosswords and what not. Puzzles, card games, matching colors and whatever else that would exercise your mind a little over reflexes would be perfect.

Any ideas are welcome. Play store and F-Droid store, links are good.


First to mind are Mahjongg and cribbage - along with hearts, euchre and spades. Various solitaires are good too, The rest are word based, I’m afraid… (all in Play Store btw).

Not sure if Stickman Golf translates to the small screen :grin: - good fun on a tablet.


Color Switch??

Many many different things that test many many different parts of your body…

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Smash Hit! Music is really nice and it gradually gets harder with a very simple objective.

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(it’s a snake it’s a slithering snake)


I play words with friends with my mum, but you need to install Blokada to get rid of the adverts :wink: Keeps her brain going, which is not a bad thing at 79.

Blokada is available on fdroid.


Pixel Dungeon


Also available via FDroid, along with the updated fork Shattered Pixel Dungeon.


Ah… a fellow aficionado of fine mobile games.