Perhaps something to consider for the next EnOS' ISO launch

Up into Orbit


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looks really dangerous :wink:

That’s how it is being on the Bleeding Edge!

EndeavourOS been there, will be there, and will stay there :rocket:

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Here’s me thinking while the video was playing that it was a fancy ad for a high-tech stylus pen or something. I was surprised at the end that it was actually about a rocket.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Reminds me a bit of that Edie Brickell album “Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars”. :wink:

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SpinLaunch is such a colossally bad idea, one cannot help but think that it is just a fraud to attract investors.

I can’t say it is the worst way to launch stuff into space (because some idiot can always think of something even worse), but it is very high on that list.

Just the acceleration force on the object being launched is ridiculous, not to mention having to maintain a huge and super dangerous centrifuge inside a huge and super dangerous vacuum chamber, having to release the object at millisecond precision, having to have a massive heat shield in the ascent phase and losing most of the initial velocity due to atmospheric drag… It’s a terrible idea, it will never be commercially viable (at least not on Earth, on the Moon, perhaps).

If you don’t care about the G-forces on the object, just shoot the thing out of a really, really long cannon. Much safer and less crazy.

But for normal stuff, can’t beat rockets.

The only launch idea that could perhaps rival rockets is a single-stage-to-orbit vehicle like Skylon, but so far, it does not look very promising.

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Oh c’mon - at least they have superior CGI people! :grin:

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