Perfect distribution

I have no problems or doubts just passing through here to thank the team for such a good job they have done with this distribution, I’ve been using it for days and no doubt this is my perfect distribution, have an excellent afternoon, greetings from Ecuador.


Hello and welcome @cartucho_c77 :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

Welcome to EndeavourOS.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, also there’s the #endeavouros-united:espanol subforum, if you’re more comfortable writing in Spanish.

Welcome aboard @cartucho_c77 !

Welcome to the forums @cartucho_c77

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Namaskar :pray:
I have been using EOS for more than a year after using other linux distro e.g. ubuntu for couple of years. I can say that it has been a much smoother switch and free of any major issues. Thanks to purple community.


@cartucho_c77 @ajaychat3

Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you both enjoy your time here, and thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try.


Welcome as well @ajaychat3

Bienvenido @cartucho_c77 y/and Namaste @ajaychat3 :+1:

Welcome @cartucho_c77
I am sure you will enjoy.
I have been on Linux since 2000, tried many distros. Over a year I was distrohopping and used almost everything, even BSDs… almost everything.

I found that Arch based distros are the best, and Endeavour is the best of the best.
It is almost 8 months now I am on EndeavourOS, one single install since then.

A wonderful distro and above all a wonderful community and forum.
You know what, I could get support here for some apps that are not specific to EndeavourOS much faster and better than what I got from the developers of the app.

It is the best of the best. (just came to my mind if we rename it to be bb Linux best of the best)