PDF editing?

Any suggestions for PDF editing?

I have a PDF with about three pages that I need to redact some information with blackout method, and also would like to be able to erase some stuff and fill in new text if possible.

What software do you know of that can do both of these?

I usually use Firefox for stuff like that.

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Libreoffice draw can also change content of PDF.


SOURCE: https://iask.ai/?mode=question&options[detail_level]=detailed&q=I+have+a+PDF+with+about+three+pages+that+I+need+to+redact+some+information+on+with+blackout+method%2C+and+also+would+like+to+be+able+to+erase+some+stuff+and+fill+in+new+text+if+possible.What+FREE+software+do+you+know+of+that+can+do+both+of+these%3F

Free Software for Redacting and Editing PDFs

To redact and edit PDFs, there are several free software options available that can help you with both tasks. Here are two such options:

  1. PDF-Redact: PDF-Redact is a free, open-source software that allows you to redact sensitive information from PDF files using the blackout method. You can also edit the text and images within the document. To use PDF-Redact, download the software from its GitHub repository and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, open the PDF file you wish to redact, select the text or images you want to remove, and click the “Redact” button. You can also use the “Fill” option to add new text or images to the document.
  2. LibreOffice: LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite that includes a PDF editing tool called LibreOffice Draw. While it may not have a dedicated redacting feature, you can use it to edit and fill in new text within a PDF document. To do this, open the PDF in LibreOffice Draw, select the text you want to replace, and type in the new text. You can also use the “Insert” option to add new text or images to the document.

I also use LibreOffice Draw to perform simple edits of PDF documents.

Included in Draw is a redaction tool:

Tools > Redact

After selecting blocks of text to redact, this command saves the redacted PDF with all text converted to graphics:

Tools > Redact > Export Redacted PDF (Black)

It’s important to convert text to graphics so that selecting the redacted text does not reveal the text that has been redacted.

I perform redaction of PDFs frequently enough that I add the redaction tools to the toolbar and then float them over the document:



Thank you gentlemen.

Combining the capabilities of LibreOffice Draw with seamless import/export functionality in collaboration with KDE KolourPaint effectively achieves the desired result.:grin:

I use Inkscape for PDF editing.

why not vi?

I don’t use Vi for anything. I’m more of an Emacs type of person :rofl:

same same you can use sed too i think

For very simple editing like - adding, removing, rotating pages or making a pdf from a set of images I usualy use PDF Arranger and for more complex editing - Libre Office.
If I need to add a signature, fix visual errors or etc. then I’ll open PDF in Krita.

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PDF-Redact page gives a 404 error on github

You’re laughing, but Inkscape is really good for editing PDF.

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Ouch, that AI search should be used with care then. My bad. :disappointed:

  • masterpdfeditor-free
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Looks very promising. Too bad it’s not FOSS