Path Of Exile, preferably without Steam

I plan to install Steam again soon. Since I have never installed Steam under Arch, my question is what I need to install besides Steam itself. GPU is a RX 580, driver amdgpu. I am only interested in Path of Exile. If that can somehow be played without Steam, I would prefer that.


  1. Requirements
  2. Steam Setup section

Read Wine section should be possible according to Lutris - Wine Standalone w/ DXVK version

Or just read the whole guide, won’t hurt :upside_down_face:


thx @keybreak :slight_smile:

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One more question if I decide to go with the Steam solution: What is the difference between AMD AMDVLK and AMD RADV? I see that AMD RADV seems to be explicitly for a Radeon card, but I can’t really figure it out. I thought Vulkan is necessary in any case, so AMD AMDVLK?

That’s requirements for gaming period :laughing:

Just different naming for AMD drivers, hence why i linked ArchWiki:

Use amdvlk for best performance.

So for you it would be then:

  1. Install Vulkan

  2. Install Vulkan driver for your GPU driver:


And IF you want to install steam, if not see Wine / Lutris sections etc.

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