Password not matching while Login

I have been using endavour from past 2 months suddenly I updated my system and entered the password and it shows incorrect.
Also this is not the first time I restarted the system.

does the login password work after restart ?
Maybe you have a failing autostart script running that
blocks the password input ?

( by the way, you checked that the shift key is not locked right :-), or num lock or caps-lock
on some notebooks there are keys that shift the keyboard layout )

No shift key is absolutely right no problem with that

Might be that I am failing that autoscript

Before that I was trying to setup zsh and ran something like : sudo usermod -s /usr/bin/zsh $(whoami)

I guess this might not be the problem??

then take it out and try how it goes without :slight_smile:

I actually did it with the shell and It worked properly after correcting the path(Passwords logs)