Password lockout

I like EOS, but it’s the only distro I have used that locks me out via my password.
Hopefully this will be fixed one day. Is there any way to rectify myself?

By default on Arch the limit of invalid password attempts is quite low at 3. You can edit /etc/security/faillock.conf and set the limit higher if you would like.

Something like:

deny = 5

Thank you, I think for me it’s ctrl-c at the password prompt that breaks it.
Just once and its over, last time I waited 10-15 min and rebooted and was fine.
Then next event seems permanent.

If you ever get locked out, you can switch to a TTY with ctrl+alt+f3 and login as root. Then clear the lock with something like:

faillock --user trelane --reset

Also, running faillock with no arguments will show you the current failures.


Great, Thanks.

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Thanks @dalto

I didn’t know that either. Then I learned something again.

I have searched out the appropriate wiki entry: