Partitioning SSD and HDD for a dual boot machine?

Hey folks

I got a new laptop and I want to install linux on it. It must be dual booted with EOS and windows.

I have a few questions about the installation. It is a gamer PC, with a 500GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. And I don’t know how to partition 2 drives.

I want to do a dual boot. I don’t use windows very much, only if I have to play a little poker.

How would it be smartest to partition my 2 drives?

I also have a 1TB SSD lying around that I will use to upgrade at a later date.

Right now I would like to do a dry run installation of EOS.

If it were me i would use the 500 GB ssd that has Windows installed on it and dual boot EOS and Windows from the same drive. I would just use the 1 TB drive for file storage. You can easily use the install alongside option of the installer and it will automatically split the 500 GB drive and you can also adjust the size if you want it smaller or larger. This would be an easy method without much effort. The installer uses systemd-boot as default unless you select grub as the bootloader. Just so you are aware.

Ok, and thanks.

How will it look in practice?

I shrink my ssd so that there is approx. 150 GB for windows, and I use the rest for my EOS install.

I don’t quite understand what to do with that 1TB hard drive? If it is to be used for file storage, the partition must be called D in Windows. But what should it be called in linux?

Normally, grub usually appears automatically, so I usually choose linux or windows through grub.

You get the same option with systemd-boot. So you have the choice to use the default system-d boot or you could choose grub if you so desired. You can always partition the 1 TB drive after with gparted if you wanted to. Don’t think of everything in terms of Windows. I’m just giving you an easy option to start with and then as you figure out how you want to use Windows and EOS.

It all depends on how you intend to use it. I’m not a big saver of files or anything so i can’t really advise you on your needs or what you want to do. As far as Windows goes yes it normally names partitions with letters C: D: E: etc. Linux uses /dev/sda … sda1 sda2 etc. Windows uses NTFS partitioning and linux has many file sysytems available. The standard being ext4.

You can always partition the 1 TB drive after installing linux as a dual boot on the 500 GB ssd with gparted. :man_shrugging:

There’s so many options it’s really up to what you want to do.

I am used to a 128 GB hard drive, I usually store my things on usb drives. So all this is way too much space for me.

But I think I’ve figured it out.
On linux, my root must be in ssd and my home in hdd? Or am I overcomplicating this?
Or what you suggest is to have root and home on the ssd, and at a later stage create a new partition on my hdd that I can use for file storage?

You can do either or. It’s entirely up to you if you want to have your /home on the 1 TB drive. I don’t get into backing up stuff or saving much. I’m more concerned with how the system works and that it always works. If i have the need to reinstall then i will do that. Everyone will give you a different opinion. I’m not saying what’s better because i don’t know what’s better for you. There are lots of options. :wink:

OK, I think I’ll just install my EOS on my SSD and come back to the hdd later