[(Partially) SOLVED] How to Get the "New" Yay on an Older Installation

I installed EndeavourOS on one of my computers using the new ISO (it’s a long story for the reason and is not important in this thread).

I really like the “new” yay in which the “C” is colored red and multiple items can be downloaded at the same time.

How can I get this new version of yay on my older installations of EnOS? I do not want to reinstall the entire system on these computers.

I hope that the answer to this question involves something easy for me to do. If it were to be too difficult, well, I’d forget about it.

After all, it’s certainly not important.

But it would be nice …



That isn’t a new yay, it is options in your /etc/pacman.conf

Specifically, these two:

ParallelDownloads = 5

The ParallelDownloads option is new so just need to add that line.



yay --version

if it says

yay v10.3.1 - libalpm v13.0.0

you have the latest version of yay (at the time of making this post).


Dear dalto,

I looked at the /etc/pacman.conf file on the computer on which I just installed EnOs with the new ISO and I saw that there were two additional lines, one saying DisableDownloadTimout and the other saying ParallelDownloads = 10.

So I put those two lines into the etc/pacman.conf file on this computer.

As for the Color, both of the files have:


so I don’t what, if anything, I should change. I haven’t changed anything here so far.

I’ll let you tomorrow, when I update the computer, whether anything has changed in yay.

Thank you very much for your suggestions and help.


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Dear Kresimir,

I checked and I do have the latest version. I made one of the changes dalto suggested and I’ll see tomorrow, when I update the computer, whether the changes “took.”

Thanks for your suggestion as to how to find if I have the latest version.


Today I just updated my computer on which I installed EnOS in August 2019. The “c” has stayed its original color (not red) but now multiple items download at the same time (which was the main thing I wanted changed in yay).

Apparently the line mentioned by dalto as well as the other line I mentioned (having seen it on a computer which had just had EnOS installed via the latest ISO) are both necessary. (At least I guess that both are necessary.)

It is unfortunate that, when yay is updated within EnOS, everything available in a new ISO (and new installation) is not automatically available for older installations.

But no matter. I got at least half of what I wanted and it is the most important half.

THANKS very much to both dalto and Kresimir for replying to me with excellent answers.


The colour you are seeing when yay (or pacman) is displaying progress to the screen is determined by the colour settings of your terminal - assuming that /etc/pacman.conf has the entry enabled for color. If different terminal colours are in use (the EndeavourOS theming does this) then you might get, say red for the cCc display - it might be more yellow if a more standard colour palette is in use.

I don’t know which DE you have in use, or more specifically which terminal, but usually colours can be modified in the terminal preferences somewhere…

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Why should updating yay, one small package, everything in the new ISO to be installed on an older system?

More generally, updates should not install new packages (unless they are new dependencies for updated versions of packages). If you want new packages, install them yourself.

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Those 2 lines were in a pacman.conf.pacnew file that you would have received around the first of June. I suspect you either deleted that pacnew file, or have ignored it. Had you merged the file, you would have had those 2 lines in your pacman.conf.


Why would that be unforunate? If you installed in 2019 - you 100% got the pacnew file for the “new yay” as you call it. You have had it this whole time - it was automatically updated when you updated (assuming you update). It was up to you to implement it - That’s how Arch/Endeavour work. If you want things to be “automatic” in some way - this may not be the best distro for you.

It is assumed if you want something new, you will install it. It is assumed if you get pacnew files you will tend them, and it is assumed you will keep your computer up to date the way you want it to be.

If you update your computer you will always have the most recent available version of every package. There’s no such thing as an “old installation.” You can only have installations that need to be updated. Endeavour always just is.

If you did delete the pacnew file - you can always get the most current default EOS pacman.conf file here: