Part 2 -- Gemini-2024.04.20.iso -- calamares?

Thought for a brief time that the issue might be the KDE plasma DE as the few OS’s I tried to install were running Plasma.
Attempted install of Manjaro XFCE also failed – I suspect it also starts install with Calamares.

Now on a search for a linux OS that does not use calamares…

The recommendation to delete dev/nvme0n1p7 was done both with that partition empty, unallocated and then shrunk to remove it from the partition list.

Further OS install attempts with Arch failed several times.
Could not strap in packages: [‘/usr/bin/pacstrap’, ‘-C’, ‘/etc/pacman.conf’, ‘-K’, ‘/mnt/archinstall’,‘base’,‘base-devel’, ‘linux-firmware’, ‘linux’, ‘amd-ucode’
warning: could not get file information for boot/amd-ucode.img
error: Partition /mnt/archinstall/boot too full:
This was a working computer for previous last several months with an install of Windows OS, Manjaro, and Endeavouros—considering erasing installed 512 GB drive, losing data, and then build back-up to only my linux OS’s

fedora, opensuse, debian
I think solus and mx linux use something else too


Adding to this, Ubuntu anything and Void Linux.

Not sure if you’re ready for the Void, though. :eyes:

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Do have a seperate boot partition that you are trying to reuse? It seems to be full. Kernels from a previous install?

Post: sudo parted -l

Crystal Linux (Arch-based) uses Jade, their own developed installer.

Also I think Pop OS uses also their own custom built installer.

Yes. It is called Gazelle installer if i don’t misremember.

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why open a new post and leave others reply in old one alone?



go here to discuss/get help/chitchat ideas:

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