Parch Linux: A Simple & Easy-to-Use Arch-based Distro

Parch Linux: A Simple & Easy-to-Use Arch-based Distro What your thought?

I see there is a Parch Cinnamon (I’m currently using Cinnamon, but also like Budgie), but at this time, I have no interest in trying something else. EndeavourOS just works for me.

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you have to understand something ,
there is many install archlinux , but you have to keep after unbroken , and know how do repair with chroot
so this is ONLY EASY INSTALL an archlinux

no manuals , no ref link in browser , all the rest is NOT EASY USE Arch based Distro

First, I haven’t looked at this distro at all. But here is my general feedback on choosing an Arch-based distro.

There are many, many Arch-based distros at this point. The reality is that all these distros are more the same than they are different. So how do you choose one for you? Here is my advice:

  • Try to find distros that are supported by a team of people, as opposed to a single person. One-person distros have a tendency to flame-out once that single person goes onto to do other projects.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to what it claims on the website. Instead, test the distro yourself.
  • Identify what makes that distro different than other Arch-based distros. Then decide if that is aligned with your personal objectives.
  • Look at the community and support infrastructure surrounding the distro.

If you want an easy install, stay here. If you care about looking cool, but won’t need help use Archfi. If you actually want to use Arch, then use Arch.

Most everything else I don’t quite get. The overwhelming majority of distros are just Arch/Fedora/Debian in a configuration someone else likes.

With few exceptions (I put Garuda there) most Arch distros are essentially just for ease of installation of Arch.
The point about multiple maintainers is GOLD!