Pantum M6550NW Driver for EndeavourOS

My mom recently bought a Pantum M6550NW printer but i am not able to make it work. I tried to install the 3 packages on the AUR for pantum printers (pantum_driver 1.1.5-0.1, pantum-p1000-p2000-p3000-m5100-m5200-ppd-driver, pantum-p2200-p2500-driver) but that did not work. I also went on their website and tried to install their drivers, but it seems like it’s ubuntu only (it even says it) because i get a dpkg error.

website for driver (ubuntu only):

I am using EndeavourOS, so i can’t use that, which is why i’m asking for help.
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Hello @waaberi
I think you need these drivers.

You can build the package from the AUR and install it using yay.

yay pantum_driver

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I did install it, but it is not doing anything.

you need to install and enable cups:

sudo pacman -S cups cups-filters cups-pdf system-config-printer --needed
sudo systemctl enable --now org.cups.cupsd.socket

then install printer with printer tool:

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I’m sure with the knowledge around here, your printer will be working shortly.

Welcome to the Endeavouros forum. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.


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