Panel frozen after disconnecting external monitor

After having disconnected my external monitor from my laptop, the lower panel is frozen, meaning I cannot click to open any programs and even the super key does not work to access my program menu. Everything above the panel, e.g. open terminal or firefox works.

I started having this issues since the upgrade to Plasma 5.21 (including an other issue, which was that my dual display configuration did not get saved properly anymore, previously no problems).

I have Kernel 5.11.1, KDE Plasma 5.21.1, wm: kwin_x11 dm: SDDM

Detailed hardware and system info can be found here:

Is this a bug I need to report to which other log should I post here that could be helpful in this case?

Maybe this helps with that?

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@ricklinux that may solve that issue in brackets, I actually saw that post this week searching briefly in between work hours… :grin: But to me it looks like this necessitates manually saving screen configurations which can easily be done via autorandr (no need to write a script) but I will try. Strangely my display configuration worked properly without this workaround (I see this post is from 2018…)

The only way I can scroll through my open programs right now is Alt+tab. I don’t even know how I can shutdown my system, except via cli that is luckily still open. :-1:

Will see if we can troubleshoot, but this is why I generally don’t stay long on KDE, it’s beautiful looking but after a while my system always gets buggy. Maybe KDE and I are not made for each other after all. :disappointed_relieved:

Are you are to hit super key and it brings up the menu and use tab?

Edit: I have been using KDE and really like it. Not too many issues. I also have REISUB set up to shut down if things go wacky as long as the keyboard is working.

superkey does not work weirdly…