Pamac - which to choose?

I’m a new user (hello!) and trying to install pamac. What’s the difference between aur/all/classic/etc and which one should I choose?

  • pamac-aur has support for repo and aur packages
  • pamac-all has support for repo and aur packages plus snap and flatpak
  • The *-git versions pull latest code instead of released code.
  • The classic version is a much older version of pamac which some people prefer.

None. :innocent:


I actually do prefer a GUI package manager haha
Do you recommend any alternative?

If you want a simple GUI package manager I recommend bauh. It is simple, easy to use and supports virtually every software format.

pamac is better for software discovery and has more a of a store feel but it is made for Manjaro and is sometimes broken on other Arch-based distros.


I also had pamac on my Manjaro until recently, but I have to admit that I don’t miss it on EOS now.


I use the pamac-aur package myself, but I primarily use it just for searching packages and checking for system updates. Whenever I want to install or update packages, I prefer to run the terminal command(s) sudo pacman -Syu or yay (updates the AUR too, fyi) to update my system so that if any messages/warnings/or errors messages pop up I’ll be able to take action accordingly. Feel free to use a GUI for some things, but I’d also advise to try to become comfortable with the terminal as well if you can as that is how it is meant to be used and the best way to learn and become proficient in an Arch-based system. Good luck and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


I do use pamac but only for reference only to lookup from overview packages currently installed and dependencies or say check out latest in EOS repository.

I don’t use it to install or remove packages itself, use commands so I can have visibility to see the actions taken in terminal.

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I am fairly comfortable with the terminal, I just don’t really feel like actually searching softwares through it haha


Welcome to EnOS’ forum @Mizuki !




When I want to search for softwares - I use and suggest others use the web based GUI -




I have mostly pkgbrowser too browse the repo and aur. Vpacman for gui lol

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