Pamac vs pamac-classic


I’m speaking as pamac-aur-git maintainer. I tried pamac-classic and noticed there is no tray icon available, and it is busted in KDE:

But when I installed pamac-aur-git… Magically, a tray icon appeared.

pamac-aur-git within EndeavourOS


So, pamac or pamac-classic for you? :slight_smile:


I’d be very interested in your view, as the aur-git package maintainer, regarding the discussion here: The new Beta is available


Just done it :smiley:

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Given this information it has to be Pamac as the tray update indicator is my main reason for having it installed, the other being easy search while looking for specific applications, as I tend to use Pacman.

So do I on my archlinux. But on my manjaro powered laptop, it is used for both notifying and managing packages.

I still have pamac 6.4.0, i guess it was from Antegos repo. Pamac-tray works here but i don’t use it. I only use pamac to search for packages (rarely install something through it)

Installing pamac-tray-appindicator won’t solve the problem?

Pamac-aur for me … don’t like the classic.

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pkgbrowser is something good to browser :slight_smile:

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pamac vs pamac-classic: octopi :slight_smile:
i see complains that it is slow, but it is working realiably well, and allows update of aur packages too.

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i would choose the classic because pamac then to take over the role of pacman :slight_smile: i never use it , i do use a gui, but its so ugly even the shiniest guys pukes over my pc :slight_smile: i search stuf in aur and repo by pkgbrowser, but a gui on the repo is more tkpacman. just easy and ugly :slight_smile: and debianish a bit

I installed pamac-aur-git 8.0.3-1 from AUR. It seems perfectly safe to me. But then again I ride 150 mph motorcycles and I’m age 62. So your idea of “safe” may vary.


Respect :+1:

I like pamac-aur-git but miss the select all option which is need if you install a package that has multiple packages that need to be installed. So rather then clicking them all I just install it from the command line. However the command line is not newbie friendly and most newbies don’t know how to use the command line. I truly hope that pamac what ever form is installed for the sake of the new users to Arch Linux.

Octopi? Never saw such a so little ergonomic software… And I used MS-Windows 3.1 back in 1995…

Erh… I will look at this. I know pamac 8.x version is kinda hard to use on some parts, but I did not remember this issue.

I’m using pamac-git also. I use the command line if i know what i want but sometimes having pamac is nice to be able to look at it and see the dependecies etc. I use kalu now mostly for updating and pamac when i need to. Otherwise i try to use the terminal if i know what i want and how it’s done.

to look only at repos and aur is also bit overdone, there are also browsers only to watch intoo aur & repos also you see the trees of the packages when installed see the installed files, only browsing indeed :slight_smile: if you use only the cli is it the cleaner way

I know … but not everyone knows cli well. Myself included. :roll_eyes: I get by with a little help from my friends. :smile: I think that’s a song?

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Well… From “Sgt’s Pepper Lonely’s Heart Club Band” by a little unknown british band, The Beatles :smiley: