Pamac snap intgration like in Manjaro

Does anyone know how I can add snap packages to pamac like they show up in Manjaro?
For those who don;t know in Manjaro they show up like a repository called Snaps just like there is an AUR repository if you enable AUR integration.

pamac is there packagemanager a,d they decide to go with snap… or try bauh , is a gui manager htat does almost all ?

regular snap is just use snap or use apt from ubuntu, thats also kinda snap thing this period.

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@nate Check this out.

It seems there is a problem installing classic snaps but the normal snaps install from just reading a little on Manjaro forums.

check this out :slight_smile:


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So this is now coming default on Manjaro? Interesting , maybe i try it? Both methods seem very simple to install. I’m more of a fan of flatpaks verses snaps and i do like app images but these are only as a last resort if i can’t get something via my normal route.

project bauh is born at manjaro i believe, and pamac these days has also two versions gtk & qute versions… its logical that manjaro pamac in front if you see bauh and pamac they are close. but bauh is a gui general to snap flatpak aur appimage pacman
but snap & flatpak are different leauge then appimages… prefer appimages :slight_smile: if i use one…

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I like how it’s neatly integrated into pamac, so you only have one go-to place for all your software management.
Here’s how it looks:
And yes this comes by default with a manjaro install. I think it’s great. Now… I had no time to check which encapsulated app system is better, but I gave a go to an app that was definitely missbehaving in it’s AUR form on my system and had great results and very good stability with its snap incarnation.
It’s something i’ll probably go into greater depth in the next days. I plan to start by trying out the suggestions from this manjaro post:

I was hoping it’s a simple one-liner to get snap into pamac, but its apparent that it’s not so. So for now I’ll get back to my struggle of getting Intel and Nvidia to be friends and play nice and cool on my new machine

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I haven’t even put my new machine together yet! :cry: I have all parts sitting here Ryzen7 3800X and X570 MSI board with 32 GB Memeory and fast m.2 drives, an SSD and a 4 TB hard drive with an RX590 video card 8 GB. It’s my EndeavourOS rocket!


Have you tried this on EndeavourOS? Or were you specifically wanting to have it integrated in Manjaro on an older install? I see now it’s included from what i have read.

Haha, check out Linus Tech Tips latest video, for a POV build guide :slight_smile:

I just gave Manjaro a quick spin on its latest version and was impressed by this feature. I’d love to have it on my new EOS install and was looking for ways to achieve this.

From what i see it looks very simple. If it works in pamac then should be no different.

I tried installing snapd and i installed the snap store but the font was all messed up. It’s like block characters so i uninstalled it. I didn’t see snap integrated into pamac either. I did try to use pacmac to install the snap hello world and it wouldn’t work so it may be one of the classic snaps they talk about. I notice it puts a snap folder and snap store folder in it in your home folder. So i would have to mess around with this in vbox before i ruin up my set up here.

You have to install the pamac snap plugin. I think its on the aur

I thought you just installed pacmac-all.
I’ve aur flatpack and snap.

This is all you need yes

Though tbh i recommend learning to do it from terminal because Pamac in my experience is more than a little jank and has a bad habit of choking up.

I personally avoid flatpaks and snaps for security reasons but if you need to use them id use just about anything besides pamac

I got rid of bauh ASAP in manjaro, as I found it really slow and unhelpful. Then again, I tend to stay away from snaps, flatpaks, etc., so I’m really not the intended user.

As far as I know - pamac-all is in the AUR for handling everything in one place (snaps, flatpacks etc added). No idea if it is a good choice, but probably came from the green M at some point :grin:

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