Pamac in dark mode in XFCE

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a solution about Pamac. When I was using Pamac in Xfce this application was using a clear theme even if I changed the theme in dark in the XFCE panel configuration … My favourite theme is Qogir-Dark so I searched a method to force this theme works in dark mode in EndeavourOS …

To do so, of course you will have to install and use the theme “qogir-gtk-theme” … if not installed type:
sudo pacman -S qogir-gtk-theme

And of course if you like the Qogir theme install the Qogir icons with this command:
sudo pacman -S eos-qogir-icons

Change your theme in the Xfce Configuration Panel “Appearence/Style” for Qogir-Dark
Change also the icons theme in “Apparence/Icons” for matching with “Qogir-Dark”

Then open a terminal and edit the environment file in /etc with your favourite text editor
sudo xed /etc/environment
nano /etc/environment

… and add this line at the end of the file:

Save the file and restart your system …

Seems to work on many Arch Distros …
I made this simple trick on others Arch distros and Pamac is now in dark mode !


Thanks. Just be careful not to DDoS the AUR. :rofl:

Sorry I have no choice ! :rofl:

pacman is always in dark mode :grin:

Not always sorry … almost in the gui version !
Specially in Xfce and many others Arch Distros, Pamac stays in clear mode even if you choose a dark mode … On Arch, Manjaro, CachyOS or ArcoLinux it is so … that’s why I made this post :smiley:

that is the terminal itself and not pacman itself.

Those distro’s and maintainers are the reason those are transparent and suck.

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This works very well, thank you !

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Funny because it’s the terminal, not a GUI.

Oh, he didn’t get the joke. How sad. :sweat_smile:

Oh, he didn’t realise that he didn’t get the joke. Hilarious! :laughing:

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Thank you … have a nice day ! :wink:

Of course I use the gui version of pamac not the cli … otherwise I would have not talked about this problem ! :wink:

Just realised that English probably isn’t your first language. It’s a good and useful post. Thanks. :100: :+1:

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You are right … english is not my native language … it was surely humor but I didnt realised ! The french section has disappeared from the forum and my sense of humor with it :rofl:
Thanks for your reaction :slight_smile:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s still alive and kicking, it seems.