Pamac-aur terminal install is broken

pamac-aur terminal install is broken on kde plasma. Any fix. Some “libpamac” error if I remember correctly.

Pamac is a Manjaro project and you should check with Manjaro as Endeavour does not officially support Pamac.

my guess is a recent update probably has broken Pamac


That is quite a vague description of the issue. Without the full output from the terminal, it would be impossible for anyone, who might be able to help, to help.

With that said, there is some recent reported issue on libpamac-aur page, here:
And also a reply to it.

Maybe the same issue as yours.


Simply use pacseek.

no more annoyance with pamac and libraries


Hey thanks was looking for that only forgot the name :rofl: must be getting old !

is the course of time, it happens to everyone at some point :rofl: