Pamac-aur or Pamac-gtk?

Manjaro is only pushing pamac-gtk afaik. Which one is recommended for Arch?

My favorite is pamac-aur-git.


More stable? Or?

It is well updated, and the person maintaining it is respected.


Well, I am pamac-aur-git maintainer and using it every single day on my archlinux box.

@manuel: :blush:


it smacks of licks in the corner

Well, good enough for me!

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Yiu can always pamac+qt for kde install :slight_smile:

I still use pamac-classic because of Antergos. Only updated once after it stopped working.
How different is pamac-aur-git from pamac-classic? Interface?

It is more streamlined, and looks a bit “newer”. But the basic operations are about the same.
Shouldn’t be too hard to change.


Well, how to start?

  1. compatible with pacman 5.2
  2. based on the code of Guinux, pamac creator
  3. newer code
  4. better UI :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything to add?


Ok, i’m installing it now. Gonna be nice to report bugs to the Bugman! :stuck_out_tongue: -> pamac 9.2.1 :smiley:

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Well… You bad boy!

Another vote for pamac-aur-git.


Pamac-aur-git works wonderfully. :blush::+1:


I use Pamac-aur-git on Manjaro, Endeavour, converted Antergos and it works well.

FredBezies needs to shave that goatee off so we can see his smile without so many emoticons

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Don’t even think touching my goatee… :smiling_imp: